The TCCSEA Board of Directors was formed in 1999 when several local residents, business owners, coaches and athletes entered a concession agreement with the Tahoe City Public Utility District to operate Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area. Along with strong management, dedicated staff and a multitude of volunteers, the Board of Directors works year-round to offer the most welcoming, challenging and perfectly groomed trails in the nation.

Jim Robins,

After moving to Tahoe in 1975, Jim made his first nordic turns touring Blackwood Canyon and then at Tahoe Nordic, which was the highland’s nordic center at the time. He has been on the board for 17 years as a founding member and serves as Board President. He serves on the Executive Committee, the Schilling Lodge Project Committee and Committees Contract Compliance.

Doug Read,
Vice President

Doug has lived in Tahoe City for 47 years, 45 of which he has spent nordic skiing deep in Tahoe's woods. He has served on the board since its inception 17 years ago. He is a veteran member of the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue team, co-coordinator of the Great Ski Race and a huge asset to the Winter Sport Park. He currently serves as Vice President, on the Schilling Project Committee and on the Facilities Committee.

Jens Legallet,

Jens has been nordic skiing ever since he first learned in the snowy mountains of Tahoe 35 years ago. He has lived in Tahoe since 2001 and joined the board approximately 5 years ago. He serves as Treasurer, on the Finance Committee and the Schilling lodge Project Committee.

Gary Anderson

Gary attended Tahoe Lake School in 1944 and later graduated from Tahoe Truckee High School. He returned to Tahoe in 1976 and has been a full-time resident ever since. He has been nordic skiing since 1952 with the Tahoe Truckee ski team (cross-country, jumping, giant slalom and slalom). Gary began as a volunteer at the TXC rental shop in 1999, joined the board one year later, and has been TXC's race course timer since 2003.

Randy Berenson

Randy joined the board in 2016. He has lived on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe for the past 15 years and is a middle school teacher in Incline Village. His volunteer work with TXC began 13 years ago when he coached Strider Gliders and learned to cross-country ski alongside the kids. Thus began his year-round love for cross-country skiing. Randy serves on the Fundraising Committee and the Marketing Committee.

Roger Chaney

Roger moved with his family to Squaw Valley in 1976 and has lived in Reno since 1998. When he was 11 years old, his mom rented equipment from the Blue Star Hotel on West River Road in Truckee and took him skiing at Lake Van Norden in the Donner Summit Valley. He has been skiing ever since. Roger joined the board in 2016 and serves on the Junior Committee and the Marketing Committee.

Don Heapes

Don has lived in Tahoe since 1973, learning to nordic ski at Royal Gorge and Donner Summit in the early 70s. Having served on the board for the past 12 years, Don is eager to give back to TXC and the community that has provided great opportunities for his family and son during his middle and high school years. He serves on The Schilling Lodge Project Committee and the Junior Committee.

Debbie Hogan

After spending every summer in Tahoe since 1960, Debbie became a permanent Tahoe resident in 1980. She first learned to nordic ski 33 years ago at the Tahoe Nordic Center (now TXC) and has worked in the downhill ski business at Squaw and Northstar for 25 years. Debbie joined the board in 2016 and serves on the Finance, Compensation and Insurance Committee.

Doug McNair

In college Doug joined the jumping and cross-country ski teams and became a certified cross-country ski instructor and groomer at Copper Mountain, Colorado. In 1979, he moved to Tahoe and groomed for Squaw Valley Nordic, then worked for Skip Reedy when Tahoe Nordic Center (now TXC) first opened. He is employed by TXC to maintain all trails, machinery and a high quality of grooming. He is a founding member of TCCSEA and serves on the Facilities Committee.

Rafe Miller

Rafe has lived and skied in Tahoe for the past 45 years. He is a founding member of TCCSEA, serving on the board for the last 17 years. He learned to turn in the backcountry of Lake Tahoe and has been an active member of our community ever since. He currently serves on the Facilities Committee.

Gerald Rockwell

A 39-year Tahoe resident and nordic skier, Gerald joined the board in 2016. He has spent 11 years on the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team Board and 16 years as Field Office Chief for the US Geological Survey, where he worked for 38 years. He serves on The Schilling Lodge Project Committee, Facilities Committee and Fundraising Committee.

If you are interested in joining the TCCSEA Board of Directors, please contact us.