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Trails Update

Updated 3 December, 2020

We are not yet open for skiing.

Our Retail Store is open 10am-4pm, Thursday-Monday. We have unique, fun, and functional apparel and accessories from Salomon, Kari Traa, Bjorn Daehlie, Hestra, Swix, Wild Rye, Toko, and Craft. They would make great gifts for everyone on your list!

Season pass purchasers can pick up your passes when we are open for skiing. If you wish to ski at Tahoe City Winter Sports Park must register with TCPUD, following these instructions (scroll down).

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COVID-19 Operations & Safety Plan

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Extra Green
  • Special Green
  • Special Orange
  • Lakeview Cutoff
  • Snowshoe Trail
  • Yellow Hut
  • Dogonit
  • Orange
  • Shady Red
  • Blue
  • Wintergreen
  • Purple
  • Special Gold
  • Orange Hut
  • Uff Da
  • Lakeview
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Extra Gold
  • Nose Dive
  • Bronze
  • Platinum
  • Silver Hut