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Trails Update

Updated 25 January, 2021

Another beautiful morning here in Tahoe… Your Snow Dances are starting to reap rewards; we received approximately 2” overnight and the groomers are out this morning making it nice for you. We are overwhelmed with the joy of seeing the trails under a blanket of white again! However, coverage on lower trails is still thin. Please observe all “Closed” and “Caution” signs and watch out for rocks, obstacles, and thin or firm, spots. Ski with Caution!

ALL DOG TRAILS ARE CLOSED until we receive more snow. See full dog trail rules.

Today is the last day to ski the soon to be iconic Old Skool Klassic Race. While we have lost snow on the lower trails, we have reserved some snow stashes for this race. It is a fun and interesting course- 1 lap 5km, 2 laps 10km. Once on the course, you can use your good skis. Please see our Events Page for details and to sign up!

Help us keep the ski trails open by offering to help shovel snow onto the thin spots. The best time for shoveling is 1-4pm daily. Please check in at the lodge for a shovel and direction(s). Thank you in advance for your help.

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COVID-19 Operations & Safety Plan

Ski Area Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm daily

  • Yellow
  • Green
    Lower Green is Closed
  • Extra Green
  • Special Green
  • Special Orange
  • Lakeview Cutoff
  • Snowshoe Trail
  • Yellow Hut
  • Dogonit
  • Orange
    Upper Orange is Closed
  • Shady Red
  • Blue
  • Wintergreen
  • Purple
  • Special Gold
  • Orange Hut
  • Uff Da
  • Lakeview
  • Gold
  • Silver
    Modified View Loop
  • Extra Gold
  • Nose Dive
  • Bronze
    To the gate and back
  • Platinum
  • Silver Hut